Increasing Numbers of Home Improvement Projects Ignoring Trees

Today’s homeowners want their homes to be functional and attractive with pristine curb appeal, but it takes careful planning to decide on a home improvement project.

Sometimes a room addition is needed. Sometimes it’s landscaping. The homeowner might want to add a play area or a basketball court to the back yard for the kids. In all these projects it’s important to not overlook trees.

Trees can present problems for the home improvement weekend warrior that many planners fail to consider in improvement projects affecting the outside of the home.

Play areas and room additions may require the removal and relocation of trees, but if the tree is providing a valuable benefit, like shade, some homeowners don’t want to lose them.

“You don’t have to, “ said John Howard of Premiere Tree Services of Orlando. “It’s sometimes more reasonable to relocate trees than to buy new ones.”

Premiere Tree Services of Orlando offers a full range of tree services, including planting, tree removalstump grinding and tree shaping.

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