Rhema Roofing and Exteriors Helps families Not Only Rebuild, but Sift Through Complicated Insurance Process

Rhema Roofing and Exteriors: Storms may not damage your car but can still destroy the integrity of your roof.

Record Catastrophic Hail Storms Strike Tulsa in ’07 and again in 08 Rhema Roofing and Exteriors Helps families Not Only Rebuild, but Sift Through Complicated Insurance Process

Rhema Roofing and Exteriors, the premier residential restoration firm in the Southwest, announced today that its Tulsa office has helped home owners throughout the Tulsa area this year not only rebuild, but understand and work through the often complex insurance claims process.

“Most homeowners do not realize they have hail damage. Why? It is impossible to see damage from the ground,” states Terry Gwaltney“Homeowners need a trained professional who knows the difference between nail pops, blistering and hail damage.

Just because your car didn’t get dinged up doesn’t mean the integrity of your roof hasn’t been compromised. The solution is to have a trained professional examine your roof up close. And since our company offers no obligation free 35 point inspection, homeowners have nothing to lose – with one exception. If homeowners wait and do not file a claim in time, they may have to pay out of pocket.”

In addition to offering homeowners great workmanship and great customer service, Rhema has a team of insurance claim specialists that assist homeowners in understanding and working through the often complex insurance claims process. Some appreciative customers from both residential and commercial properties have commented:

The 5 star customer care program delivered more than promised. Tim B.

Rhema took care of my entire project making a stressful event turn into a great no hassle experience. Ann J.

has had to increase its production capabilities this year to keep up with demand. On any given day the company has workers in the area re-roofing homes, as well as helping with siding, gutters, and other exterior trades. With a strong commitment quality control, Integrity has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

About Rhema Roofing and Exteriors. Rhema Roofing and Exteriors is committed to the communities it serves providing employment and resources for long-term cooperative growth.

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Leading Commercial Office Partitioning Expert Optima Systems Has This Week Been Honoured At The Construction Marketing Awards 2008 In The Category Of ‘Best Use Of A Website’

The advanced drywall and office partitioning supplier triumphed at the Construction Marketing Awards 2008, taking home the coveted prize for Best Use of a Website.

Optima Systems beat off stiff competition from four other fantastic web presences including Warwickshire County Council & Carillion plc and Harris Associates on behalf of Watson Batty Architects.

The judging panel were won over by Optima Systems’ use of simple and easy to understand flash animations to convey important and complex information about the inner workings of each office partitions system, as well as the impeccable overall site presentation.

The website was created to showcase Optima Systems’ wide range of office partitioning, advanced drywall, frameless doors and architectural glass through detailed photography, product details, downloadable guides and 3D animations. The website also features a CRM dashboard where Optima Systems can moderate architect logins that control which technical document each architect sees.

The website was created by award-winning London design agency, Cyber-Duck. Danny Bluestone the managing director of Cyber-Duck received the award on the night alongside Optima’s website and marketing project manager Christian Mabey.

Danny noted, “It is a privilege to win this prestigious award with Optima Group. We were privileged to work with Christian Mabey from who had the vision and foresight to take Optima’s branding and marketing to the next level by carefully crafting a successful user experience with Cyber-Duck”.

The Construction Marketing Awards are globally recognised as a highly regarded mark of excellence in construction marketing and business development and recognise the creativity, innovation and effectiveness of a company’s marketing strategy. The black-tie awards dinner took place on 27th November in London’s trendy New Connaught Rooms.

For more information on the awards visit: http://www.optimasystems.com

About Optima Systems:
Optima offers the highest quality service and innovative design to secure consumer satisfaction and ensuring that their extensive range of partitioning systems are able to meet customers’ exacting specification supported by technical expertise to ensure successful project completion.

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Natural Stone Restoration Classes For Those In The Stone Restoration Trade Or Those That Are Starting A New Enterprise

Josveek Huligar, a founding member of the Natural Stone Restoration Alliance, an association of independent stone restoration professionals has conducted a very popular monthly class on the art of detailed restoration of natural stone countertops for a few years. Due to many requests, an additional class to the weekend itinerary this year included natural stone floors. This particular segment of the self described “boot camp” has become a demand in the field of stone restoration.

The weekend classes are described by Mr. Huligar as“A true “hands-on” experience. No seats. No stories. No sales pitch. Each student has the opportunity to perform multiple repairs, honing and the highly coveted art of top-polishing an additional note to the counter top repair class; the students receive a full set of tools including a variable polisher inclusive in the price of the class. Everything you need to get started.”

Those who have attended the recent class had this to say;

“I went to the class in hopes of going home confident that I could “DO” the best quality work not just understand the theory and fundamentals like I have in other “learning scenarios.” I also wanted to learn as quickly as possible so we could learn as much as possible in a short time. I think both of those goals were met. Now comes the confidence building from experience and practice.

Thanks again to youJofor being willing to share your excellence in your craft, and to Topshop for the hospitality and help, and Tim Scarlata of atlanticgranite.com and Topshop of topshopllc.com for the fabricators perspective, and the learning I received from the everyone’s experience who attended.

I had a great time!!! (Still a bit stiff and sore, but a great time!)”Duane Brock- Omaha NB.

Al Shulze of WeDoFloors – Orlando Flresponded,“I can honestly say just learning Jo’s floor method, will cut my time in half. If you’re just starting out in the business Take the class and get a foundation it will save you a ton of money from buying unnecessary equipment and time on the job.”

“The class was everything stated above and more. It exceeded my wildest expectations. Now Jo is another story in itself. His charisma and humor is second to none. Now let’s see if that gives good old Jo a big head. Lol.”Ken Albrecht- Plano TX.

“The classes are very hands on and a lot of very useful tips and technique’s, on floor refinishing and granite repair. Jo’s a good teacher, knows what he’s doing!!!” Paul Malarz- Rochester NY.

Dave Wilson of Seam- Master StoneCare CA. adds“Jo showed me how to push the limits with heat and popping a shine. It really opened me up to perfecting my floor process. I went to the class hoping to learn a few things and was not disappointed.”

“It was nice to meet everyone at the class and thanks to TopShop for the facilities, help and food during the day. I have picked up two jobs on granite repairs and travertine scratch removal and feel confident that I can handle any problems it can throw at me.”George Barnes- Denver CO.

“Thank you Josveek Huligar for sharing your knowledge, techniques and passion for natural stone. I have been to many classes and seminars and I learned more from the NSRA class than all the others combined.Thank you Dave (TOPSHOP) for the use of your shop and all the tips you gave me.

It is obvious that the NSRA is truly dedicated to helping improve the stone industry. Anyone who passes on this class is making a HUGE mistake. Thank you to all involved. I will back the NSRA 100%” Tim Scarlata of atlanticgranite.com- Rochester NY

“Great class” said Paul Klees from Bonstone.“I received some valuable hands-on training with respect to surface polishing and repair techniques. It was amazing to see the use of different diamonds, pressure and the little amount of water needed to achieve a nice polish. I will definitely attend another class to brush up on my skills.”

“The class is described as a three day, 9 to 5, training session It’s more like you’re finished when you’ve completed the task successfully. Exactly as it is in the real world. There are no time limits to the class.” Steve Patrick, Patrick Stone Restoration – Columbus OH.

“The amount that I have learned in the four days I was up there has surpassed years of working with stone. I looked at many other classes offered. What encouraged me to select this class is the unorthodox way to restore stone by using many different distributors products and chemicals – and even making our own! There were endless varieties and techniques that could be used. Overall, learned invaluable techniques and methods that can save me time – make more money, and understand more about the constantly changing stone industry – keeping me on top of my game. Granite which was my adversary, had now become a friend, and all other stones a piece of cake to work with! Thanks to all in the class and especially with Jo for his patience and time to answer all my questions to the fullest.” Glenn K, Advanced Stone Restoration, Oahu Hawaii

Students from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Hawaii as well as from the mainland of the U.S. have gathered to learn from this stone restoration expert. From the beginners to the seasoned professionals, the class has had it’s impact. It is also interesting to note that once you take the class and participate actively on the NSRA forum you can attend the class to advance your skills for free. No other class offers this truly unique offer. Do not be fooled by the imitators on the internet that have tried to copy this unique program. Learn from the originator.

Josveek adds, “We are setting up the next class for 2009, it will be taking place on February 6th-8th. in Rochester NY. Two days for counters and one full day for floors. We’ll be offering an additional class for a small fee on the 9th for practice or advanced techniques. We will give full details as soon as we have it all worked out with tooling.”

Ultimately the “boot camp” is for those who have a real interest in learning the stone restoration trade or to advance their existing skills. From the art of restoring counter tops to floors, this class has it covered.

The Location
Atlantic Granite & Marble Inc
450 lee road
Rochester ny 14606

(ROC) Greater Rochester International Airport
1200 Brooks Avenue
Rochester, NY 14624

Comfort Inn West
1501 W. Ridge Rd. , Rochester, NY,
US, 14615 | Phone: (585) 621-5700

Terms and conditions.
If cancellation is made over 30 days before the program date, 50% of the tuition is eligible for refund, or 100% of the tuition is transferable to another program/date. If cancellation is made within 10 to 30 days of the program date, 25% of the tuition is eligible for refund, or 100% of the tuition is transferable to another program/date.

If cancellation is less than 10 days of the program date, the entire tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

We reserve the right to cancel an event at our discretion. In the event of course cancellation, 100% of the tuition will be eligible for refund or transferable to another course.

Countertop Class $1,800.00
Floor Class $ 400.00
Extra Day $ 200.00

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Glass partitions specialist, Optima Systems has been nominated for a coveted Construction Marketing award

Optima Systems is proud to announce that it has been shortlisted for a prestigious Construction Marketing award 2008. The company, who specialises in demountable office walls, has been chosen as a finalist in the Best Use of a Website category. The judging panel liked Optima Systems’ use of flash animations to convey important and complex information about the inner workings of each partitioning system, as well as the overall site presentation.

The website was created by award-winning digital design agency, Cyber-Duck, whose previous accolades have included a gold Communicator award for its own website, www.cyber-duck.co.uk, along with various other highly coveted awards for its client’s websites.

The Construction Marketing Awards are universally recognised as a unique and highly regarded measure of excellence in construction marketing and business development and recognise the creativity, innovation and effectiveness of a company’s marketing strategy.

The black-tie awards ceremony will take place on 27th November in London and will play host to some of the biggest names in construction.

For more information on the awards visit: constructionmarketingawards.com.

About Optima Systems:
Optima offers the highest quality service and innovative design to secure consumer satisfaction and ensuring that their extensive range of partitioning systems are able to meet customers’ exacting specification supported by technical expertise to ensure successful project completion.

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Aquavida Pool Remodeling Specializes In Swimming Pool Remodeling And Resurfacing, Offering Eco-Friendly Pool Solutions

Green’s the new black, as the fashionistas of the world would say, and it’s hitting the pool and spa runway full force. Energy-saving, eco-friendly products are making their way into the market, teasing dealers with trendier options and enticing homeowners to save a buck or two — not to mention the Earth. It’s time to look into upgrading and revamping the pool and making way for the next generation of “greener” pastures.

“The average age of pools we are remodeling is 15 to 20 years old,” says Thomas Lopez, president of Aquavida Pools in Phoenix. “At that point in time, they didn’t really offer any economical or efficient motors back then.” But times have changed, and repair-driven pool remodels are now taking a backseat to lifting up the hood and replacing what’s inside — because you want to, not because you have to.

Pool remodeling can be costly, especially if moving toward a more eco-friendly backyard. It’s an investment, says Lopez, and one that not everyone is able to make.

Green pool makeovers are a smaller part of the remodels Aquavida Pools does, says Lopez, because of the financial investment Green renovations can cost anywhere from $1000 to $35,000, adds Lopez, depending on what’s being done.

One of the main consumer selling points of going green — besides being more eco-friendly, of course — is the financial payback. But the initial cost of the project can scare customers away from green renovations. In today’s unstable economy, customers may have a hard time seeing beyond the bottom line and into the future.

Pump Magic
For the consumer who has just started thinking about remodeling a pool, there is a good place to start that doesn’t break the bank. “Probably the most economical approach is the basic industry-standard upgrade pump, an [energy efficient motor],” suggests Lopez. “The armatures in the motors consume less energy,” adds Lopez, so at a minimum, he recommends customers doing this upgrade.

But for consumers who are able to put a little more investment into their pool remodel, Lopez recommends a programmable pump. While these pumps generally cost more than the standard upgrade, their payback is well worth it.

Behind The Curtain
Micromanaging the pool through the use of a home automation system has really taken off, and while it’s more popular to the buying public as a convenience, manufacturers are eagerly finding ways for consumers to understand its energy-saving purpose, as well.

Incorporating an automated system during the pool remodeling process is a must have for the pool owner on the go. Time is a precious commodity these days and an automated pool makes life that much simpler.

“Controls themselves add flexibility and automation to managing the pool, even if people have got time clocks,” says Lopez. “Whenever you’ve got a proper pool controller, you can have multi-day or weekend settings. You can have settings for different periods of the year.”

Not only does automation offer a finer, more optimized control of pump speed, but it also allows “you to do a better job of managing energy-efficient equipment.You claim more energy savings from it, and at times, it’s what actually enables the energy savings in some of the other equipment.

Here And There
Little upgrades also mean bigger savings. Lopez recommends owners change over to LED lighting. The lights consume considerably less power and they last a lot longer, not to mention, “you probably have around a 80 percent savings in energy consumption with LED lighting,” he adds.

A simpler renovation suggestion is a programmable time clock. Phoenix’s swim season ends around the middle of October, says Lopez, but he notes that customers with a typical Intermatic time clock would still allow the pool to run on an eight-hour cycle, even during the off-season.

“So when you have a programmable time clock, you are able to put two program groups in it and set it to the exact day, so it will switch from group A to B, meaning summer and winter,” adds Lopez. Oftentimes, Lopez groups the time clock with the standard energy-efficient motor, inviting customers to start with a small, yet affordable eco-friendly renovation.

“Clearly, when you look at the energy savings opportunity, that falls in very nicely with the big push that’s going on in the world at large,” says Lopez. “Everybody is paying attention to the energy crisis. We aren’t green for the sake of being green. Everything is focused on the payback for the consumer. People are looking for the payback.”

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Cement Central Announced Today That It Has Partnered With Its Current Suppliers To Offer Cement Starting As Low As US$60MT

Cement Central announced today that in an aggressive move to combat the ever increasing cost of cement to Dubai, it has partnered with its current suppliers to offer cement starting as low as US$60MT, a major offset from the current price of US$90MT which seems to have become the norm.

From the Middle East to Russia, the cement industry is witnessing global robust growth amid a massive international construction boom. Cement & concrete companies are facing bigger challenges and higher demand by the day with companies continuing to invest in increasing capacity and sustainable technology.

With countries like Egypt & India suspending their cement exports the increasing demand is outpacing the supply from the UAE to Qatar to East Africa. In a region where $1.7 trillion worth of real estate is being constructed or being planned, price trends in the cement industry take on heightened significance.

The bad news for local property developers and contractors is that the price of cement in Dubai is constantly increasing according to figures published by Emirates Industrial Bank. This year alone, bills for bulk cement shot up by around 20 per cent – reaching more than Dh330 per tonne earlier this month, say cement buyers. While cement factories enjoy profitable times – some say they are taking advantage of high demand – the trend is putting strain on the construction industry.

Carlos Perez said “Even government projects are being affected” and quoted, Ebrahim Al Shehhi, director, UAE Ministry of Public Works as saying “As a ministry we are tendering two or three times for a project. Contractors are not coming forward because they don’t know what the price of steel, cement and electrical cable will be the next day.”

“A number of mega projects in infrastructure, tourism and real estate are currently in various stages — from designing, tendering to construction — and the same trend is likely to continue in the coming years and it will create regular demand for cement in the country,” said Carlos Perez, Managing Director of Cement Central. The massive scope of these projects and the fast pace of expansion is giving rise to high demand for various building and construction materials, especially cement. As local cement producers are unable to keep up with demand, more and more cement is being imported from other countries. This is where companies like Cement Central can aid with cement importing needs.

Cement imports have soared during the past three years as a result of the unprecedented construction activities here that accompanied the overall economic boom in the UAE and the region. The sharp increase in oil prices is a major reason for this boom.

Cement Central client was quoted as saying “the shortage in cement had already caused an increase in operating costs, which had forced most companies to increase prices of concrete by an extra Dh40 per cubic metre and it was difficult to increase prices where contracts with clients exist, and that in such situations, ready-mix companies are taking on all the losses.” Being aware of the crisis facing contractors and builders in Dubai, Cement Central and its suppliers felt the need to step in and offer cement at competitive prices that wouldn’t break their budgets.

“Even though we distribute globally, our immediate focus is on emerging Middle Eastern and European markets” says Carlos Perez. We currently have a 60 million MT allocation geared towards helping the ever growing expansion in Dubai. Cement Central provides up to date pricing and procedures on its website www.CementCentral.com and welcomes broker inquiries. Our supplier’s contract will reflect their firm intent and ability to do business. We deal directly with large allocation holders and as a result, we pass along our competitive advantage and savings to you! Our clients and suppliers span the globe from the Americas to Europe and Asia and our extensive product and marketing knowledge make us the obvious choice.

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Correct Building Products, manufacturer of CorrectDeck CX with Microban antimicrobial product protection, expands composite deck recycling to include jobsite scrap

Correct Building Products(R), manufacturer of CorrectDeck(R) CX with Microban(R) antimicrobial product protection, has announced on May 9, 2007 a pilot program to collect plastic wood composite jobsite scrap, complementing its active recycling program.

This information is timely as spring deck building season arrives. Additionally, more consumers are expressing interest in “green” building products. What many consumers and contractors are unaware of is that Correct Building Products produces composite decking made from recycled materials that can be recycled again. Green-conscious consumers can select CorrectDeck composite products with confidence.

Made from Recycled
CorrectDeck composite decking is made from 80 percent recycled ingredients such as waste sawdust, recycled plastic and polypropylene recycled materials. Located in Maine, Correct Building Products harvests scrap from local lumber yards as well as collects polypropylene bins from retailers and post offices. The manufacturing plant recycles and reprocesses all manufacturing scrap at the factory, meaning all downfall is recycled. There are no emissions and zero manufacturing waste. “Most forms of plastic recycling transform the plastic into a less valuable product,” said Martin Grohman, president of Correct Building Products. “Upcycling is very rare, but these products ‘upcycle’ a low-value waste product like sawdust into a high-value product such as premium composite decking.”

Completely Recyclable
All CorrectDeck products are also completely recyclable as a finished product – free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – and can be safely incinerated. CorrectDeck products are also printed with their resource content “60 Wood/40 PP” to make future recycling easier.

“Composite deck material is quite recyclable – it contains no thermosetting materials and is rot-resistant. In fact, recycling of composites is routinely done,” added Grohman. “We’re doing our best to promote recycling and to reduce the usage of unsustainably-harvested tropical hardwoods.”

Jobsite Recycling
The company will also be instituting a scrap recycling program to make efficient use of waste produced on jobsites. Recyclable materials include decking, railings and even installation sawdust. The test program includes a recycling container located outside CorrectDeck’s largest dealer, Hancock Lumber. “Once we get the process worked out,” noted Grohman, “we’ll expand the program as quickly as possible. Contractors have to pay to dispose of scrap. This free program will not only help them, it helps the environment.”

Correct Building Products(R) LLC is a $30MM+ producer of wood-composite products of all types, including CorrectDeck(R) and CorrectDeck(R) CX composite decking, RapidRail(R) and RapidRail(R) CX composite railing, and Dimensional Composite Lumber. Visit the website at www.correctdeck.com or contact Mike Descoteaux, Correct Building Products, 8 Morin Street, Biddeford, ME 04005, 207-284-5600, miked@correctbp.com for more details.

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